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Musician. Trombonist. Composer.

First Album Out!

Moritz Renner Group - A GIVEN MEANING

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"Not only am I really proud to participate on Moritz Renner`s first release as a leader but to also celebrate a great young talent who totally respects the jazz tradition, using it as a platform for modern creative exploration. Moritz is a truly gifted trombonist with a beautiful sound and reveals himself on this recording as a serious composer of mature status. Through thoughtful arranging of this traditional quintet instrumentation he creates textures that surprise and delight. Even though he is a soft spoken gentleman I am impressed by his high risk excursions in free improvisations, complex harmonies and some tricky odd meter polyrhythms. The repertoire here portrays a wandering multi-culture of inspiring emotions up-to-date with todays trends and reassured with the echo of yesterday."
- jazztrombonist Adrian Mears

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